About Smoking Our Hand Rolled Cigars at Atlanta Events …

So you pick up a newly hand rolled cigar and look at it and wonder, “How do I do this?”.

Here some info to help you look like a pro.
1.) The closed end of a cigar is the end that you going to put into your mouth.
2.) You will need to cut it. We will have a cutter on our table. Cut it right before you are ready to smoke it.
3.) Hold the cigar with one hand and the guillotine cutter with the other, then insert the head of the cigar into the guillotine and cut into the cap, usually about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch down. If the head of the cigar is shaped like a cone, then cut into the cone, but not quite at the widest part. Don’t cut into the body of the cigar.

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